Sunday, July 17, 2011

Spun Off


Since you're here, I thought I'd describe a little bit of what I'm doing with this blog. My other blog, Boring but Smart, was intended to be a catchall blog for my interests. However, it quickly became dominated by my thoughts on economics, history, psychological bias, and the idiocy of certain NYT columnists and their idées fixes. Hence, rather than crowd out my other pursuits I wanted to blog about, I've spun those off to this blog.

As a result, I'll probably be writing once a week about a variety of topics that interest me: food and wine; travel; clothing; skiing; tennis; fitness; and whatnot (maybe sailing, if I end up taking it up this year). Will anyone be interested? Who knows? Then again, with my other blog, I had no idea about that too, but I figure there is that possibility. After all, at my other blog, my most popular post was on St Paul de Vence, where I had pictures from my vacation there. Though that could be because those images came up in Google Images (France edition).

Whatever the result and whoever's reading, here I am blogging about my pursuit of happiness, or as I phrased it in my other blog, "savor whatever you're drinking at the moment, because so we commence on whatever I encounter in my odd pursuit of joie de vivre." Allons! 

NB: The background picture is a sailboat on Ullswater in the Lake District, Cumbria, England. I was there for vacation mid-November 2010. Though overcast and cold, I thought it a beautiful day.

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