Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Summer Salad

One of my favorite blogs is 101 Cookbooks, where I take a break from reading about politics and economics, and instead delve into one of my favorite pastimes, cooking. This morning was no exception. I decided to browse the recent posts and came across Heidi's shaved fennel recipe.

Fennel is not an ingredient I use in my cooking, but the picture she posted was beautiful enough that I will be stopping by the grocery store on the way home to pick up fresh rockets and fennel. Actually, neither of those are regulars in my cooking, so I'm pleased at the chance to try what looks like a tasty recipe and changing that. No doubt I will not arrange the salad as beautifully as Heidi, but the flavor profile is what I enjoy the most. Presentation matters if trying to persuade others to sample, so I'll work on that only if I like it enough to include in my group dinner recipe repertoire.

Incidentally, I'll also be getting watercress and Roma tomatoes tonight - I will do a second attempt of the stir fried "foreign vegetable" and roasted tomato recipes.

Anyway, a good morning!

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